Discus is the best labelling software money can buy. We have gone to the utmost effort to deliver a product that allows you to create a great looking label with the absolute minimum of effort, fast. Recommended by musicians, recording engineers, videographers, composers, and creative professionals the world over.

Current version is 4.26.



Includes both Macintosh and Windows versions for one price, included on the same disc, and our generous licensing allows you to use it on all your personal computers. We can arrange an immediate download but we always mail you a physical disc so you have a backup.

Discus support over 2700 sheet fed paper labels. Includes all known labels for CD and DVD's, mini-CD's, mini-CD jewel cases, business card CD's, jewel case covers and inserts, DVD cases, VHS spine and face labels, audiocassette labels, and business/calling cards. More supported labels than any other product, updated constantly to cover new products as they are introduced.

Supports all inkjet CD / DVD printers, including the latest models from HP, Canon and Epson.

Offers features never before seen in any product, like fancy automatical photo collages.

Import bitmap graphics and photos. Supports a huge range of imported picture formats including JPEG, GIF, BMP, PICT, SGI, PSD, TGA, TIFF, PNG, and SGI.

Loads instantly and does not modify your system. Very easy to maintain, program needs only two files to run.

Discus saves you money - Discus supports all brands of papers. Forget about paper vendor supplied software, which only supports their proprietary papers. With Discus you can choose the price/performance combination you need for each job, and choose between hundreds of types of papers.

Special text features like curved and angled text makes it easy to fit text to the CD shape. Discus also supports advanced layouts such as spiral text, and offers professional quality glow and drop shadow features.

Switches instantly between languages. Discus 4 currently runs in English, Deutsch, Nederlands, Français, Italiano, and Español. Full unicode support for typing in any left-to-right language. Note: Discus is not suitable for Arabic or Hebrew which write right to left. Supports Chinese/Japanese traditional vertical writing.



Discus offers 800 MB of high fidelity artwork, including professionally drawn advertising grade illustrations for weddings and special occasions. Over 1000 CD backgrounds. Browse some of the CD designs. Note that artwork collection is subject to change.

With powerful photo manipulation features such as opacity control, edge feathering, layer manipulation, use your own photographs and artwork combined with the painting tools to add lines, shapes, textures, dots, etc.

Print small quantities on your inkjet or laser, or use the export feature to create a high resolution version suitable for sending to a replication house. (only on Macintosh)


Best Vista Downloads Awarded "Best Vista Downloads" by BestVistaDownloads.com
Discus rated Great by MacAddict Magazine.
Discus rated 5 (highest rating) by iBook-User magazine.
Discus rated 5 stars (highest rating) MacOS Planet.
Discus rated 4 cows by TuCows.


“Discus is, bar none, the best labelling software I have come across (and I've tried them all.) for Mac OS X! Period. No contest! I smile every time I launch it because it is so easy, versatile, and downright fun to use. My first CD label was gorgeous, thanks to the wonderful artwork included with Discus, AND it was a perfectly registered fit the CD first time on that same first label. No wasted ink, paper, or labels. It's reassuring that, if needed, tweaking the registration is available and easy to use. Thanks again for a great product and above average customer service and support. I'm hooked on Discus. Keep up the outstanding work.”
    - C. Anderson, Muskego WI

      Fantastic technical support! It is no accident that we receive so much positive feedback from our users. Read more customer reviews from around the world.


Shipped on DVD media, sent by US mail to anywhere in the world. See the online store for special upgrade pricing. Sales tax will be charged on shipments to California. For immediate downloads after ordering contact sales@magicmouse.com

Discus can run on most computers. Discus starts up fast and only consists of a few files. Discus does not modify any system files, and installation just copies two files to your hard drive, a program file and an art database. Unbreakable and simple to update.

Minimum Requirements

Mac OSX 10.4 or later
Works fine on Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8)
Universal Binary
900 MB hard disk

Windows XP, or later (including Windows 8)
Intel or AMD processor
900 MB hard disk
Apple Quicktime (included on disc)

Quick Tour

Page 1

First, pick a project type

Discus supports CD, DVD, jewel case, mini-cd, dvd case, audiocassette, VHS and even calling cards.


Page 2

Next, select a background

With over 1000 backgrounds and over 750 MB of artwork, Discus has the most artwork supplied of any labelling software.


Page 3

A powerful bitmap paint layer

A full 24-bit paint layer is available for drawing custom shapes; particularly useful for drawing behind text.


Page 4

Powerful photo import features

Import photos and graphics, adjust their layering, opacity, darkness, edge feather, corner roundness and more.


Page 5

Flexible text handling

Choose from 8 text layouts including circular and spiral layout. Add glow, drop shadow and outline effects for a professional touch.


Page 6

Precision printing with no effort

Change paper layouts or printer selection without redesigning your label, and nudge the printout to get a perfect print.


Page 7

Comprehensive template support

With over 2700 papers supported, and almost every known CD printer pre-programmed, Discus has the widest possible output range. No other labeling software has a fraction of the versatility of Discus.