Beads SDK for Macintosh or Windows .ZIP archive 80 Mbytes
Beads reference manual Printable PDF 3 Mbytes
Beads quick reference guide Printable PDF < 1 Mbyte

In honor of my long-time friend Jack McFarland who recently passed, wh offer for your personal enjoyment and education, the greatest kid's painting program ever made, Flying Colors. This version runs on Windows 95 through Windows 10! Note that in order to see the fantastic color cycling animations, right click the program file, and set it to 256 color mode, with compatibility for Windows 95, and it should run just fine!

To add to the enjoyment of Flying Colors, download an expansion pack. The full set of expansion packs including dinosaurs, tropical animals, outer space, cars, funny faces, and more are available for $10.

Download Now!Flying Colors for Windows Version 2.11D 2 Mbytes
Download Now!Background canvases Art pack 3 Mbytes
Download Now!Animals Art pack 7 Mbytes
Download Now!User manual (English) 4 Mbytes

Downloading the install file

Choose the program and the version you want to download.

Note the name of the file and its size.

On Windows systems, a dialog box opens and asks you "What would you like to do with this file". Click on "Save it to disk". In a second window, choose a directory to save the file. Then click OK.

On Macintosh systems, after downloading your web browser should automatically launch StuffIt Expander, which will unpack the files.

The download begins. Please be patient and wait until the end of the process. If the download is interrupted, the downloaded file is corrupted. See below how to proceed ("If the downloaded file is corrupted")

Important: When done, check that the file size is correct (see files sizes above).

Installing the program in Windows systems

Using Windows Explorer select the previously chosen directory.

If the file is a zip package (.ZIP), uncompress it to a temporary folder study the READ ME file

If the file is an auto-expanding executable (.EXE), launch the program.

Follow the instructions.

If the downloaded file is corrupted...

If the internet connection has been terminated before the end of the download (size does not match) or if the download procedure returned damaged data (it may happen during a connection) then the install procedure will fail returning an error message.

Delete the downloaded file from your hard drive. Then try to download the file from the same source.

If it fails again, try another source.

If you still have problems, try to download the ZIP version (last choice in list). If you can unpack the ZIP file without problem, it means that the install file is correct.

Since our software doesn't install files in your system folder or modify your system in any way, you need only delete the files on your hard drive to remove our software.