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The Beads language allows you to build web apps that stretch like rubber, and is so precise it is ideal for mobile web apps, which require the utmost in precision in order to be legible across a wide variety of devices.

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Version 4 - Use a powerful tool to create and print digital media labels, CD case covers and inserts, DVD box covers and inserts, and other related projects. Produce a great looking label in less than two minutes!

Discus ships on a cross-platform DVD which includes versions for Mac OS X, and Windows; Windows 10 and OSX 10.14 (Mojave) ready

Warning: due to Apple ruthlessly discontinuing support for 32-bit applications, Discus will be unable to run in Mac OSX 10.15 and onward! You will either have to run a virtual machine, or use the Windows version in VMWare fusion

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NOW FREE! - Fun for the whole family. In honor of Jack McFarland, a loyal friend and model human being, we are now offering Flying Colors free of charge! We gladly accept donations, and we do sell expansion packs to add to your enjoyment. Windows and Mac Classic only.

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Cut your cognitive load of building a web app by a factor of 10!


Regularly updated.

Less than 10 known bugs.

Ready for production work.